Design Features

Designed for platinum LEED certification, Harmony House's notable design innovations are in three primary areas:

House Image

Passive Solar Features

The footprint of the house is oriented for optimum sunlight, using large southern windows for passive heating. These same windows aid in passive summer cooling, drawing in ocean breezes as warm indoor air vents through the circulation tower, and thermal mass walls slow the transfer of heat and cold through the exterior of the structure, so that daytime heat can be enjoyed through the night.

The thermal mass of the Apex Block, an innovative composite material, provides three times the insulation of typical construction, slowing the transfer of heat and cold through the exterior wall of the structure. This 80% recycled material is naturally resistent to mold and termites, provides a four-hour fire wall, and diverts polystyrene from the landfill for recycled use in this highly efficient building material.



Active Solar Features

A photo-voltaic system on the roof provides energy and hot water to meet the owner’s needs. In coordination with passive solar features, the house remains comfortable year-round, without the energy use of typical mechanical systems.


Water Runoff Mitigation System

A water cistern is used in place of the typical subsurface infiltration pit to meet the City of Santa Monica's urban water runoff mitigation requirements. Water runoff from the roof and site are stored in the cistern for future use. Stored water is pumped into the irrigation system to reduce the use of potable water for plant maintenance.